A last ditch effort to rescue the River Jordan

Insert Saving River Jordan The Jordan River, located in the valley of Great Rift is of religious, geographical, economic, and cultural importance. The Jordan River is beneficial to billions of people from various religion and worldwide countries at large. Presently, the once powerful river is under significant risk, fortunately, thanks to the ongoing efforts to recover the river (OBrien 1).The destruction of the Jordan River has lead to the devastation of the environment of Israel, which has been greatly polluted through sewage runoff along its banks by its communities of not less than 300,000 people. Hence, it has become the most danger to the extreme environmental adversity. Unfortunately, the annual flow o River Jordan has considerably reduced since. Jordan, Syria, and Israel are competing at seizing clean water as much as they can (OBrien 1). This has the result in the annual water decrease, and many people are not aware that the river will soon dry up. Friends from Earth Middle East recently are trying to create awareness of the departure of the Jordan River.Due to habitat damage, the area experiences decreased rainfall with severe climatic conditions as a result of a change in climate. As a result, it will lead to water shortage in the area reducing production of food as well economic instability. Devotion to water concern is intensifying as political, social, and the development urgency (OBrien 1). The international community is debating on the creation of new strategies that will sustenance effort towards the rescue of Jordan River. It has taken years of demanding work and finally definite transformation is beginning to commence in the River Jordan.Works citedOBrien, Vanessa. A last-ditch effort to rescue the River Jordan. 27 AUG 2012. 31 OCT 2014 .

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