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Assignment In five to ten years time, I see myself working as a marketing representative for one of the giantfirms. My duties will entail developing sales plans keeping sales records, receiving payments from customers, forwarding customers’ feedback to the management, and maintain a healthy relationship between the firm I will be working in and the customers. I am prepared to execute the duties through using the marketing concepts I have acquired throughout my study. Notably, I will endeavor to practice ethical behavior when handling clients with different cultural backgrounds. For instance, I will attempt to understand the cultural values of my clients when marketing the products of the firm in order to foster respect for the customs of my target clients. Similarly, I will apply the concept of environmental scanning to gather valuable information that can benefit the firm. For example, I will utilize both online and offline means to collect information about the trends in the competition in the market. The collected information will help the marketing team to devise comprehensive marketing tactics to acquire a competitive edge.In my role as a marketing representative, I will endeavor to understand the preferences and purchasing behavior of the customers. For example, I will conduct routine customer surveys to establish what products and services they would like my firm to improve. The surveys will assist the marketing team to capture the needs of the customers as contained in the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Similarly, the concept of relationship selling will be paramount in my marketing activities. I will apply the concept in creating a long-term relationship with the potential as well as existing customers who belong to different generations as I seek to satisfy their various needs.

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