4B Instructions for New Hire

Running Head: JOB – TECHNICAL Instructions for New Hire Overview A Technical must write, edit and up technical documentation for running or upcoming products. The writer should work closely with project leads and/or team lead and Manager to write technical user documentation and specification documentation for assigned product. The writer must assist team and team leader on assigned writing effort. In addition, the writer should collaborate with programmers, engineers, and/or product management during the product lifecycle to gain an understanding of the product. When creating, editing and updating the documentation, the writer must abide by the standard format, content and style guidelines, giving consideration to usability and ensuring accuracy, consistency and quality. The writer must directly report to the Manager of the writers’ team about the status of the tasks on a daily and weekly basis.
a. Write technical end-user documentation and/or specification documentation using defined styles and conventions to produce specific deliverables.
b. Work closely with team lead or Editor to develop writing skills.
c. Assist User Documentation manager with long-term goals for online project development, presentation and processing methods.
d. Rewrite written work based on edits provided by Editor and/or Manager.
e. Implement suggestions from edits into new assignments.
f. Attend weekly meetings with Editor and/or Manager.
Work Procedure
1. The Manager will directly allocate you on a project.
2. You will be introduced to the project manager and team in a formal meeting where tasks to be performed and timeline will be decided.
3. You will formally start working on the task prioritized by the project manager.
4. You will report the work status daily to the project manager.
5. At the end of the week you will send an activity sheet to your team manager and project manager.
6. Upon encountering a problem while performing the writing task, you will either ask your manager or the project manager for assistance.
Task completion and editing
1. Once the task has been completed, send the document to your editor and/or team manager for language review.
2. Your team manager will send the document back with recommended reviews.
3. You will incorporate the changes and send the document to the project manager for a technical review.
4. The project manager will send the document back with recommended changes in technical information.
5. You will incorporate the changes, finalize the document and deliver it to the project manager.

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