2 A Taxing Issue

A Taxing Issue I argue that it is unfair and unacceptable to increase taxes for particular groups of people. There is nojustification to increase taxes for arguably the hardest working people in the country. I t is not easy to one to set up a business that nets over $250,000 per annum. The government cannot afford to reward the job creators by more taxation. Increasing tax on the so-called rich in society is frustrating and discouraging. The government should instead come up with sound economic policies that ensure rapid economic growth. Economic growth gives the government more taxation haven. In fact, the government should promote incentives for those who increase their annual earning beyond a certain limit. I argue that for one to increase their annual earnings beyond a particular mark implies more job creations and more life to the economy. The government should also focus on cutting expenditure in sectors like defense to avail more funds for development. It is not fair to have different tax rates for different income groups. Discriminatory taxation based on one’s income group leads to reduced private investments. Most private investments consider profitability of their businesses. I therefore argue that increasing tax those with higher incomes will lessen the appetite for private investments. The government should only use a uniform taxation system. When running a small business, many financial factors shall influence in my hiring. The tax rate is arguably one of the main financial factors to consider when hiring (Kennedy 69). In addition, I shall consider funding and operational costs (Kennedy 207). In funding, equity versus debt considered where debt is loan and equity is the capital one has.Woks CitedKennedy, Joe. The Small Business Owners Manual: Everything You Need to Know to Start Up and Run Your Business. Franklin Lakes, NJ: Career Press, 2005. Print

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