1 Let C Denote The Field Of Complex Numbers As With Any Field We Can Consider Vector Spaces Linear

3. For their; (inflation, are magir choose arbitraryr matrix mpruaantatiaa. usually
use the standard basis, and do the same as what we did in the previcrus
EIGI’CiSE. Ha hm we‘ll have [T13 = D and the set of minim: VH‘JSDI’S of Q
is the Drdmed basis ,8 {3] It’s not diagn-nalizahlc since dim[Eg} is 1 but not 4. Hill -ll{.’| [-3) It’s not diagonalimhla since its dimisflc polynomial rims not
split. ..1 [I [I l l {I
{h]1t’sdiaganafissab1awithfl= u 1 0 me: u u 1. 1 l l l
{:1} It’s diagnnalizahla 1with 13- (fl: 2 [I] and Q =(= l l —l)_
[a ]| It’s diagonafimable with D: ( —1 i]
[f] 111’; tfiagnnaligahle with D— – [— 1′:
i] J ‘I’J.T_ __J. L.-._– -__:_ 11__1-__ 4.1.- -L-___J.__JT’ L- d.L_ -1.-___|._ I. :. J.L_ I. Math

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