1) John’S Sales Last Week Were $251 Less Than Three Times Nancy’S Sales Together They Sold $1123 Determine How


1) John’s sales last week were $251 less than three times Nancy’s sales. Together they sold $1123. Determine how

much each person sold last week.

2) A restaurant holds 50 seats. Two types of seats are available the Friday night jazz festival: stage and dining. The cost of a stage is $15.00 and the cost of a dining is $5.00. If all 50 seats are sold the restaurant would collect $400.00. How many of each type of seat is available?

3) A polishing machine requires 1 hours to make a unit of Product A, and 4 hours to make a unit of Product B. The polishing machine operated for 200 hours producing a total of 80 units. How many hours were used to manufacture units of Product A?

4) Edgar and Janet divide a profit of $15 700. If Janet is to receive $4200 more than one-fifths of Edgar’s share, how much will Edgar receive?


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