Studying is Knowledge Creation - Your Winning Edge

We are now in the Knowledge Era. Today, thanks to Information Technology, there is an information-data-knowledge explosion. This explosion has ushered in an age of abundant information. The problem today is not info availability; it is how to access accurately the relevant information. You get your knowledge through systematic studies. Knowledge is your asset; the key to your personal success and it is, therefore, necessary for you to build a very strong knowledge base, your ultimate winning edge.

  • What is studying all about?
  • Study – School level
  • Study – College level
  • Study – Professional level
  • Studying – What is it all about?

In a nutshell, it is nothing but methodical new knowledge creation – Learning. How do you create knowledge? By systematic study of any discipline you choose. Systematic study means managing through planning, organizing, motivating and controlling your studies. The basic principles of management apply here as well. Again the total time you can spare for studying is very critical. Hard work is sweat. Hard work knows no time limit. If you want to just pass an exam or get coursework help, your time and effort may not be a big deal. However, if you want class, or distinction or want to excel in your studies, you have no choice for hard work, discipline, dedication and direction.

Study – School level

There is not point in just attending classes – you should ensure you understand what you were taught in the classroom. To understand you have to be totally focused. This is possible only through practice. A school student should:

  • Be totally focused in the classroom
  • Motivate himself to study and understand what he studied
  • Take copious notes
  • Read notes till one understands everything in the notes
  • A calm, serene and very quiet ambience will enhance understanding
  • Always work out a time schedule

It would pay if one studied at a regular timing each day. If a student has studied each day’s teaching and mastered it, he need not worry about exams.

Study – College level

At whatever level, the basics of studying are the same. Time management, concentration, attending classes regularly, taking relevant notes, understanding the days lecture, studying at regular time schedule each day, all these are important. Spending meaningful time in libraries to garner appropriate material and understanding them will help college students. Most important part of studying is Recall. Repeatedly study the subjects as many times as you wish to understand its import fully, but recall as many times as well!

Study – Professional level

A thorough professional is one who will recall instantly what he learned theoretically and apply his knowledge to actual situations. It means at Professional level if a student studies and understands what he studied, it may not be good enough. He should be so thorough as to recall what he studied instantly in order to apply the same in real life situations. Hard work is the key. Only perfect practice makes one perfect. After completing a professional course a student is absorbed into the world of “Doing”. So far he was only exposed to theories and lectures. In the real world of “Doing” he gets a chance to use the theories learnt productively. That needs exposure for some time. Once he starts blending the knowledge he gained through studies and doing things practically using that knowledge, he has arrived!

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